Jane Trivia
I started my career as a marketing copywriter, and still consider that to be my bread and butter. As a freelancer, I routinely learn about new markets, products and concepts, through meetings or materials provided by my clients, then craft that new knowledge into words and format that suit the purpose to a T.

Marketing writing done right.
From snappy ad copy, to long-form brochures that make complex concepts clear--not to mention web copy that encapsulates your message without wasting a single word.

Hire me for more than clear, on-the-mark copy. I’m a seasoned freelancer who can ask the right questions, grasp what you need, and deliver on deadline. That expertise will save you time, conserve costs and generally make your life easier.

I have extensive experience in the following markets:

  • general business-to-business
  • associations
  • technology
  • healthcare

and I’m always ready to learn something new.

You get the same quality and expertise found in a leading ad agency, at a fraction of the price!