Jane Trivia
From pitching the initial idea to interviewing experts and gathering pithy quotes to putting the finishing touches on an in-depth article, I love writing for trade journals and other publications. I work under contract or on a piece-by-piece basis. I’ve also written books for hire for several publishing companies.

Interview skills.
I’m accustomed to information-gathering by drawing out the REAL experts, whether they are physicians involved in cutting-edge medical technology, or public librarians test-driving new services for their communities.

A seasoned pro.
I’ve written for the following publications:

The Hospitalist
Health for Women
The Rheumatologist
Caring for the Ages
(medical directors of long-term care facilities)
EMS Manager & Supervisor newsletter
JEMS Journal of Emergency Medical Services
Fire/Rescue Magazine
Law Officer Magazine
(IBM Midrange users group)

And I wrote the following books:

Working from Home: Earn a Living Where You Live
How to Get a Great Job
Privatizing Libraries
Crisis in Employment: A Librarian’s Guide to Helping Job Seekers
(ALA Editions)
50+ Questions to Ask Your Doctor (Encouragement Press)
The Complete Landlording Handbook (Socrates Media)
Essential Business Letters: 1500 Ways to Say It Right (Socrates Media)
12 classic fairy tales and other children’s books for Publications International, Limited

Copyediting with a light touch.
Let me fine-tune your work, tighten up lengthy passages and correct grammar and punctuation per your style.